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So Frenchie So (Eco) Chic

January 15th, 2016 | no comments

Fashion Hound

Ze Flamant Rose

So Frenchie So Eco Chic


Ze Flamant Rose

Oui bien sur, so Frenchie so ECO chic

Inspired by the most luxe beauty salons in Paris, Ze flamant rose is a little slice of VIP heaven in Surry Hills. I was so fortunate to be treated to an experience here just before the holidays and let me tell you it bought me back to life, I actually think I floated out of there, graciously escorted on a pink flamingo wing one might say.

Greeted with warm Australian organic tea, a lovely chat and a sneaky macaroon, I felt like I was in owner Cyril’s home…this kind of sweet sentiment never goes unnoticed. Little things say a lot. Cyril prepped me for the spoilings I was about to receive aka 75 minutes of love with expert beautician Emilie followed by a 25 minute floating soul scalp massage and blow dry…be still my weary beating heart!

To say it was a magical afternoon is an understatment, the treatments were pure and absolute bliss made even more beautiful by the kind and loving energy. Emilie spent so much time talking with me customising a facial just for me and all the products she uses are 100% certified organic, vegan and environmentally friendly made in Byron Bay by Organic Spa.

spa products

Emilie destressed me, purified me, brightened me, plumped my collagen (pray tell what girl doesn’t need that!) and the icing on the cake was a divine hand, arm and neck massage while my seaweed mask weaved its magic. I genuinely still day dream about it.

Then my elevated soul became a floating soul with Cyril’s 20 minute scalp massage. Whenever I am at the hairdresser I always pray that they will do this bit for just a little longer, so 20 minutes was beyond ( I may or may not have dozed off)

My blow dry was gorgeous and seriously I had good hair for 3 days!

The other wonderful bonus with Ze flamant Rose is that they are supremely focused on being eco friendly, even winning the 2014 Green lifestyle award for Best Beauty business. Here’s a snap shot of their ethics


Recycle all color boxes, activators, care and shampoo bottles

Use ammonia free colors and hair products

Run on eco green electricity and gas

Bus, bike or walk to work

Wash overnight and line dry

Use eco friendly cleaning products and rechargable batteries

So inspiring!

Seriously if you live in Sydney and you don’t go here you are ‘le crazy’

Thank you so much Cyril and Emilie


The Sustainable Salon

December 21st, 2015 | no comments

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Eco Chic

The Sustainable Salon

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound Eco Chic

With a simple shift in mindset and a little scouting around, the utmost in sophistictated and chic design can be created from second hand. As I emerse myself deeper into sustainability I am consistently discovering incredible innovation and heart based businesses. These brands are doing their bit to support our beloved mother nature, backed by their own unique, lovely stories and let me tell you not ever does style become a sacrifice.

As I learn more about the impact fast fashion has on the planet, the more I want to be mindful in all other areas of my life too. From what I eat to what I put on my skin and hair, so thank god for the insta angels because I met the beautiful boys behind The Sustainable Salon.

Seriouly there isn’t enough room on this blog post to count the ways in which I love what Zoran and Diego are doing.

Their salon is 100% sustainable, from the products they use to their ethos and eco upcycled interior design. Think wash basins that were once wine barrels, walls covered in vintage newspapers and magazines from the 20’s to the 60’s, old door frames reimagined as mirrors, discarded timber turned into foot rests and eco chic shelving, gorgeous greenery in recycled pots and glass beakers abounds. They’ve done all the leg work themselves, sourcing their pieces from the side of the road, markets, ebay, second hand havens and op shops. They recycle absolutely everything, their plastics, paper, packaging, metals, the hair even the bowls they mix their chemical free dyes in are made from coconut shells! The also have a fantastic water saving solution system built into their salon powered by Tivok.

(Oh and PS they have a second hand library and hammock to lounge in while your color sets #JustSaying)

So I knew I had to do a 100% eco fashion shoot here, this place is my spirit animal!

Eco interiors, Eco Hair (hello Diego’s 1950’s Hollywood finger waves) Eco clothing from Salvos Stores and Eco accessories by Zefyr Jewels…just to show you that second hand never has to mean second best, it can and should be ineffably chic.



A big thank you to my buddy Bryan Marden for capturing these beautiful images and to Zoran and Diego co-owners of the Sustainable salon…not only does my hair look and feel amazing but I’m truly grateful I have met you both, you are eco inspiration incarnate



A Gypsies guide to Vintage shopping

April 3rd, 2013 | no comments

to vintage shopping I get asked a lot where I shop for all my vintage treasures and truth be told I’ve been quite the fashion gypsy over the last 18months. I have lived in NYC, London, Brisbane and I’m in Sydney at the moment and so, have acquired quite the global palate! With that in mind here’s my pick of the prime cuts I have discovered upon my travels thus far…

LondonBrick Lane Kilometres of killer vintage including Burberry trenches for around 40 quid in the downstairs markets!

Portobello Road MarketsMary’s Living and Giving Store Notting Hill

New York CityRags-a-GoGo Chelsea (Meet Miss Wallflower ;) – owner Joshua Suzanne in this video! In all seriousness though I think she has the most amazing edit in the city – I nabbed the vintage orange football jersey below from there) She’s got scout shirts, overalls, bombers, vintage military, jeans, cowboy boots…ohhhh so good and cheap! I also picked up the coolest vintage Harley Tee for $5!

Fashion Hound

What Goes Around Comes Around – high end haute!

Chelsea Garage Markets – you may die when you walk in here…wall to wall stalls of serious vintage! You have been warned –  I wasn’t!

Quality Mending Co – This little East Village store is so worth a look – pick up preloved mens braces, killer vintage biker boots and marching band jackets

New York Vintage – for the serious connoisseur, ring the door bell and enter heaven

Beacons Closet Brooklyn Vice Versa Brooklyn Hells Kitchen Flea Markets Starstruck Vintage  Screaming Mimis Mr Throwback – (a great one for vintage sportswear) Brooklyn Flea …I could go on, but I may have a stroke!

Sydney: Crown St Strip – Zoo EmporiumGrandma takes a TripC’s FlashbackPuff and StuffSurry Hills Markets,

Sydney Antique CentreOne NoffsGlebe MarketsFringe Bar Markets (vintage clothes and a bar! #nuffsaid)

Queen Justine Vintage – RedfernReuze Vintage Paddington

Brisbane: Latrobe Terrace Paddington – Retro MetroAdornmentsBrisbane Antique CentreWoollongabba Antiques Centre

And of course wherever you are thrift and charity stores are always a must!

Where are your favorites? Would love to hear

-Faye x

Fashion Hound

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

November 27th, 2012 | no comments


Stop the sustainable style press!!

I’m Obsessive and compulsively obsessed with Obsessive compulsive cosmetics! A beauty-full rainbow of fancy colours and crafted from the finest ingredients, with an animal friendly ethos! Created in NYC OCC is 100% vegan and PETA approved and has made a promise to never use animal derived ingredients like Lanolin, beeswax and carmine.

Creator David Klasfeld says “Beyond personal ethics, we simply believe these ingredients are unnecessary when alternatives are available and equally effective in the formulation of our products” – amen to that Obsessive Brother!


OCC has recently collaborated with VPL on some limited edition lush nail colours in honour of their fall 2012 collection – Crazy cool to see the sustainable style kids doing it for themselves! Click here and here incase you are feeling spendy.



Creator David Klasfeld