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DIY Designer Style

$3000 for ripped designer denim, $1600 for a slashed up t-shirt. Really? Why would you spend that kind of money when it's so easy to…
Faye De Lanty
December 2, 2014
Eco Fashion

Get Conscious

  Green Clean Glamour Queen! H&M is pushing all my sustainable style buttons with their latest conscious collection. So cool, so eco chic, so not fair…
Faye De Lanty
April 15, 2013
Fashion Hound Eco Fashion

Born Free

Free: A great Rock Band, getting something for nothin’ and how a cockney geezer pronounces three! All valid explanations for such an adjective in my book,…
Faye De Lanty
November 26, 2012
Eco Fashion


May I introduce you to Shoe Envy, an animal friendly footwear brand that is dedicated to creating eco conscious style. Creator Heather Potter takes inspiration from…
Faye De Lanty
November 4, 2012