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Hey little sister

Fashion Hound She’s a once in a lifetime girl. She gets me, she loves me unconditionally and she makes me giggle until it hurts or pant wetting potentially ensues! My sister Sarah is my insides and that’s what the picture above symbolises, every time we see each other we simply place our hands on each others chests…we don’t need words.

baby girl

Soppy stuff aside, she is a stylin’ little mumma and when I was doing the creative for this shoot I wanted to capture our style story as much as our sublime connection. We are so in sync. Just like big sis, she loves a bit of sparkle, a rock chick aesthetic, a soft wave and a saucy lip – (‘Not gonna lie I’m a little tipz’ – that ones for you babe) You can tell we are cut from the same cloth but she definitely wears it her way. I am so proud of the kick arse woman she has become. I love you baby girl. Hand on chest x

Sarah and Faye

Fashion Hound

The biggest of hugs to my dear friend Bryan Marden for these beautiful pics, thank you for capturing a true love and style story x

Fashion Hound




Love you

Hey little sister

Clothes all our own x