Cat in the Hat

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Dr. Seuss

Cat in the Hat Inspired by the killer Emma Stone shoot in The August 2012 Edition of my ‘Bible’ aka US Vogue, I set myself the challenge of recreating the awesome aesthetic. It’s one part Glam Rock and every other part Mad Hatter, Marc Bolan and The Cat in the Hat all rolled into one stroke of style genius.FashionHound

To say I love this kind of look just doesn’t cut it…I D.I.E for it. The mutation of textures, prints and the eccentric excess ignites every little style button within me. Partly because my parents bought me up on a style diet of Glam Rock gorgeous…my hero’s are BowieJaggerBolanHendrix and Plant to name but a dandy few! So I raided my wardrobe and draped myself in 85% of it’s vintage contents immediately –  if not sooner! And of course a big shout out to the star of the show – Lady Top hat – supplied by my sweet new friend Josephine at Vintage Venus

Fashion Hound

But it got me thinking about my childhood and that glorius creativity that abounds.. the urge to play dress ups at well… the drop of a hat – which to be honest I have never grown out of! This is why fashion is my religion – you can be whoever you wanna be and say whatever the hell you want to by what you adorn yourself with…it’s your story so screw everyone else!


When my Step Dad saw me after this shoot he remarked “Have you been to a dress up party’? To which I said..’No, have you’ (Sharp right!) But seriously to quote my beloved Carrie Bradshaw ‘I couldn’t help but wonder’…why do we even for a second worry what others see?

Fashion Hound style So if the mood strikes you to have an epic Bolan/Bowie moment in the middle of suburbia on a sunny Thursday then I say rock on. It’s your style song-so sing it! End of sermon x