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Ain’t Laurent

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Faye De Lanty

But it looks like it

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It Ain’t Laurent…but it sure looks like it.

Inspired by a 6k Saint Laurent ensemble I decided to hit the Salvos and source a similar aesthetic. This Fashion Hound version set me back $60

It’s a simple white Calvin Klein men’s shirt (Girls always look in the mens section!)

A to die for chic little tuxedo with a fine sequin lapel – seriously can’t believe someone would throw her out (Oh well, lucky me!)

Lee jeans and a gorgeous little epi leather inspired barrel bag. For the black tie I just bought some thick velvet ribbon from a craft store

A classic look, filled with classic pieces…super low on price yet super high on the chic factor

Reuse, Reinvent, Reduce your Fashion Footprint


Photos by Brooke Hahn