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Don’t get me wrong I love decadent fashion, but there is something so god damn satisfying about snapping up a killer piece for an absolute steal.

Some prefer to keep their charity store cheapies on the sly but I shout my finds from the fashion roof top. Being stylish yet savvy…sh*t yeah!!

I go crazy for anything hippy/flowy/bohemian so you can imagine how excited I was to find this light as a feather lace poncho for 1 pound in an RSPCA charity store, here in the UK.

Quite simply, Stevie Nicks inspired perfection!

So pop your sustainable style hat on, put a few quid in your pocket and take a peek around your local charity stores…see what you can find for a pretty penny!

Faye De Lanty


Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Photo’s by Sam Tautua