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Style Dichotomy

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Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Style Dichotomy

Style dichotomies are one of my favorite dalliances. Really is there anything cooler than worn in and ripped apart denim juxtapositioned against dazzle, sparkle and shine? This insanely cool vintage levi’s jacket was almost thrown out until I cast eyes on it, I knew she was something special and sure enough after talking to my friends at Fabrique Vintage I uncovered it is an original from 1973! Be still my beating Fashion Hound heart. Seriously the shredded collar is just beyond if you ask me.

My gorgeous drop earrings I sourced in Bangkok while visiting my Dad, I get so many comments on them. I just love the idea of somethings super dramatic and ballgown worthy paired with dishevelled denim. Keeping the hair haphazard in a messy bun is the perfect final ingredient to the style contrast. You can rock this vibe anywhere…Canadian tuxedo it up like I have, where it over a dress, pants, skirt…shall I go on!? This is a wardrobe essential. I never wash mine, I just air in the breeze and sunshine.

Hit the secondhand highway and find some preloved denim for yourself

Made in America

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Fashion Hound V Fabrique Vintage

Long before the Canadian Tuxedo was a thing, denim was doing a hard days work far from the fashion crowd.

Double denim was originally sported by blue collar workers, it didn’t need much care and was strong enough to stand the test of time. Function over form. Jeans as we call them today, were once known as ‘waist overalls’ and formed the basis of their work ensemble. The outfit I’m wearing in this post is an absolute authentic from the 1940’s-1950s, this is what they wore to build America!

With the help of my wonderful friends and walking vintage encyclopedias at Fabrique Vintage, read on to learn more about the long and illustrious history of this timeless textile…

(As narrated by co-owner Ruth)

Fabrique Vintage

Denim has really come into the spotlight these past 150 years.  It was made famous by Levi Strauss and Co’s patented waisted overalls and gradually spread across all of the American West (worn by the miners), and around the same time, moved into the midwest where the farmers and cowboys were also using it.

You are wearing

Lee 1950’s denim egineer cap | Hercules 1940’s denim overalls | Big Mac chambray shirt 1960’s selvedge | Chore denim jacket 1950’s | 1950’s bandana…All union made in the USA


Over 50 years it gradually dominated the working class market for garments all across the US.  During WWII America sent their Navy all over the world wearing their highly recognisable sailor jeans (and jacket which is less recognisable to the average person but is a highly sought after collector piece). This really boosted the demand for denim across the world after the end of the War.D13

A full outfit is the absolute classic way to wear denim because of its history as a workwear garment.  Wearing workwear for a purpose usually demands a full outfit to suit the task.  Double denim is an intrinsic part of the denim culture and should always be celebrated! I think this is something which has quietly disappeared from the fashion industry, and is arguably non-existent in today’s fast fashion brands.   D8

Denim has such a big place in global culture, and its continued popularity through time makes it a great narrative of clothing history and culture which is readily accessible and understandable to our clients. The key to its enduring popularity is clearly the utility of the fabric and of the garment (to take jeans or overalls as examples, which are both trends which span across three centuries and show no sign of losing their appeal). Fashion Hound

We feel that it is really important to keep old and rare pieces so that we can bring people deeper into the vintage culture when they visit our store. By bringing denim pieces of many styles and ages, this narrative can be filled out with real examples in the minds of our clients. We find it really brings pleasure to the experience when clients are able to visit the store and to see and touch things they have never seen before, and at the same time to be able to contextualise those pieces into their personal knowledge and to fill out that wisdom a little with the extra knowledge that we are able to share with them.


At Fabrique Vintage, it’s possible to see and touch pieces as old as 1900, right alongside denim jackets, shirts and jeans that are only 20 years old.  It’s difficult to illustrate with words the difference between the fabric denim we know today compared with what was being produced in the first half of the 20th century, but without this context my customers would not be able to learn to appreciate for themselves the value of the vintage we sell.  It empowers people to look for themselves at the details of what they wear: what kind of fabric it is, how the stitching is done, what the shape represents (i.e. where it fits in an historical context), and to be able to discern between different levels of quality both of the fabric and the garment itself. This kind of knowledge empowers customers when they leave my store and continue to consume elsewhere, it helps them place a value for themselves on what they consume.D28

There are many people who want to jump off the train of fast fashion, not only because it hurts the wallet to replace the wardrobe every season but because it is a large portion (apart from food) of their personal consumption. The reality is that the large vintage clothing dealers in the world already hold more clothes than Zara or H&M will make in a year, five years even. D26

In addition to this, the intrinsic value of vintage clothing is already higher because it is manufactured of a much higher quality than what we can buy today for a relative price. And we really don’t need to be producing so many new garments – certainly not in the quantity that is currently occuring.

There is an abundance of fabric ready to be reused and repurposed. Take our leather jacket you are wearing – 3 vintage jackets upcycled into a fresh modern cut. A perfect example of utilising textiles we already have in existence rather than producing something new and its so great to see the vintage overalls holding their own as a chic current trend.

Denim continues to dance, decade after decade


Thanks so much to Ruth and John for opening up their wonderful archives and brilliant vintage minds to me

And thanks to Ally for taking the pics and crafting the story with me.



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Love Story Vintage

Eco Fashion

Second Hand Designer

Eco Stylist

Salvation Army

Fashion Hound

 Something happens to a woman when she finds a truly special piece. Lady gets a spring in her step and her fashion heart skips a beat…it makes her say yeah….Carti-yeah!

Beyond beautiful, this vintage Cartier back pack is sublime and seriously don’t get me started on the vintage Burberry trench. Both so timeless but for a fraction of the price. I found the Burberry trench at The Salvation Army [true story!] and the backpack is from Love Story.

Even if you can afford the real thing, I love to hunt for treasures that fancy ladies may have forgotten. They seem to have much more character and mother nature gets a snuggle too. If you ask me the kick of finding preloved designer gems is even more gorgeous than walking into the store to buy it new.



Thanks to Arrnott from Rogue Homme for taking these pics


United States of Bling

November 7th, 2014 | 2 comments

Fashion Hound

Costume Jewellery NYC


Sheris Vintage NYC

This bag though seriously!



Sheris Vintage jewels

NYC Graffiti

Fashion Hound

Sheris Vintage

I pledge allegiance to the shiny bracelet, necklace and bag… for not many other fashion accessories [take it easy shoes I haven’t forgotten you] can turn a girl into a show stopper no matter her shape, size or style budget.

Battling with self prescribed shiny disease my whole life, I have always been drawn to the bright lights of a blinged out moment and let’s be honest what girl isn’t it. Whether you’re a bohemian feather and crystal babe, Miss park avenue pearls, ghetto goddess or diamonds are totes your BFF it’s a fail safe remedy to shine and hey look at the facelift they give a $20 thrifted Salvation Army suit!

So what’s a girl to do when she happens upon the most insane display of vintage costume jewellery at the Show Place Antique Centre in Chelsea New York? Well she spends an hour picking her jaw up off the floor, talking to the wonderful woman whom it belongs too and styling my stand outs into this Fashion Hound ensemble dedicated to the sublime story of vintage costume jewellery at its best.

Speaking of great stories, read on to get to know Ms Sheri Weiss and her stunning jewellery

How many pieces do you have in your collection? 

Too many to count!! Probably over 10,000


How long have you been collecting for? 

I have been collecting since I was a teenager and always wore my mother’s wonderful pieces that she would mix and match with her real. As a little girl I would stand and watch her get ready to go, putting her outfits and jewelry together. She was a beautiful woman who was not afraid to flaunt it.

Fashion Hound

What drew you to this career?

I was a clothing designer most of my life until about 7 years ago when the company I worked for merged with a company that was known for laying off it’s senior, highest paid executives. Which they did about a year after the merger. I freelanced for a lot of people, including them, as one of their largest accounts was not happy with the new product they were being offered.

I made a list of other things I might possibly want to do. This was on that list. I did have an opportunity to try out the business, which led me to taking a giant leap of faith and actually doing it.
It was tough in the beginning to go from collecting to parting with my years of accumulated treasures.
I have learned not to covet even the most beautiful of pieces, as this was now how I would support myself.
I was also lucky enough to team up with the most talented designer I know, Darren Manes, who takes used and vintage components and recycles them into the most magnificent pieces you can find.
The people I meet are always interesting and many have become good friends as well as customers.
NYC vintage costume jewels
Favorite era and why?

I am always attracted to Art Deco and early 1930s-40s enamel figurals, bracelets and necklaces.

Maybe it is the glamour of that period, and the incredible workmanship that went into even the smallest of pieces.
But I fall in love with pieces from almost every era when I see something unusual.
I am a total jewelry junkie.
To get your paws on sherris pieces head to
Or if you are in NYC go say hi at the Antique Show Place just be prepared to possibly pass out!
Thank you to my friend Angela from Style Closet Life for coming to play!

Vintage Frames

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Fashion Hound NYC


Fashion Hound Vintage



Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

In my city

When the view is this startling a girl needs a serious shade to keep her cool. So thankfully instagram connected me with a fellow fashion hound and brand manager Kandice who had the very thing – Vintage Frames!

Personal eyewear consultants to stars like Lady Gaga and Rihanna, these babies mean business. Vintage Frames are all original unworn brandname frames from the 50’s-80’s, they also recreate styles into modern aesthetics. Working with many of the top lifestyle brands today – Vintage Frames educate stylists and designers in eye wear history and help them to relaunch iconic looks of the past from Dior, Dunhill, Porsche and Gucci just to name a few. Amazing right!

My outfit? Thanks for asking! I sourced in upstate NYC at the Salvation Army and it’s all vintage thrift. Loving the tee – $2, Men’s vintage Levi’s $8 not only were they were already ripped for me but they taper into a skinny leg to boot and how stunning is the suede Chanel look bag – $10! Leather biker jacket round my waist is from the salvos too – $30. I always look for these kind of pieces when thrifting – cool vintage tees, denim, beat up leather and one of a kind bags…they are great wardrobe staples.

Don’t even get me started on the background. Thanks to Kandice for that [her NYC HQ], the frames and a wonderful night spent chatting about love, life and vintage – she even took these pics for me #NewFriend

#VintageFrames #FashionHound x

Little Indian

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Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Lessons in layering

Fashion Hound


Little Indian


This little Indian has been shakin his fashion feathers with me for quite some time now. Handcrafted by my Mumma for my Pappa in the 70′s, this vintage cardigan is hands down one of my all time favorites. It’s even more luscious when layered with winter brights and bold customised denim. An official fashion hound – complete with cool haircut and jonesing for cameo – came out of nowhere to give it the paws up.

Such a monkey huh!

Stray Cats

July 21st, 2013 | no comments

Fashion Hound

Eco Fashion

From My Dad's wardrobe

Vintage sweat


While I may be a Fashion Hound at heart it doesn’t stop me from subscribing to a stray cats style aesthetic.

I like to be a little rough ’round the sartorial edges – beat up DIY denim, thrifted finery and vintage finds that are with me work, rest or fashion play. This is my Dad’s jumper from the late 70′s and my god do I love it. I wear her to bed in winter, with a skirt and sneakers in summer or under a thrifted tux when the weather turns cold. The more I run this kitty Kat into the ground the more she likes it.The marle grey is butter soft now and has the perfect worn in wonder.’I can’t believe it’s not pyjamas!

You know when you’re out, your feet are killing and your clothes are driving you nuts that go to item that you dream of? The one you just can’t wait to get home to and drape yourself in! Well this is mine… and she’s the cats meow, I mean c’mon she even did her hair for the occasion!

What’s your ‘I can’t believe its not pyjamas’ piece? x

Photos by Brooke Hahn

100 Best Vintage Shops Online

May 12th, 2013 | no comments

Eco ChicWant to know where Taylor Swift sources one off finds, the place Mad Men stylists gather their loot and even how to speak fluent vintage? Well may I introduce you to your new bible. Created by a very sweet sustainable sister of mine Miss Sammy Davis Vintage this is The 100 Best Vintage Shops Online. 


Beautifully written and curated by a beautiful girl, this ebook is so detailed and extremely well thought through. Sammy certainly knows her stuff. She has spent hours scouring the net to determine the ultimate destinations for our beloved vintage and ranked them according to garment quality, product selection, customer service, photography and social media. Sammy has included a great range of stores via EtsyEbay and Independents to suit every taste, budget, body shape and era.

It’s super interactive [You can link through to 350 shops, resources and social media spots] and the book is filled with great tips, styling advice, fashion history and fun facts [Like the lotus flower can still sprout from a seed that is 1000 years old – who knew!] A must buy and Fashion Hound very fine thumbs up.

#Vintagelove to you Miss Sammy D x


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Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound



Fashion Hound

Grunt, Gusto, Get up, Guts! Have you got it and the gorgeously grand question – do your clothes? I found this yummy vintage cashmere sweater and 1970′s felt hat in two of my favourite vintage stores – they’ve stood the tests, time and are still styling out… in fact they are rocking it wouldn’t you say? In life as in fashion we need appropriate armour  and I think these are perfect members to add to the trenches… especially now that lady winter is on her way. Grrrrrrrrrrr!

Brown felt Hat from Grandma Takes a Trip | Vintage Cashmere Sweater from Reuze Vintage 

Photos Arrnott Olssen

I Drive a Rolls Royce

April 17th, 2013 | no comments

Vintage fashionI Drive a Rolls Royce, cause its good for my voice‘ Mark Bolan from TRex was born of an era when eccentricity andeclectica was exciting, in fact it was darn well encouraged. Everything was big, bold and overdone. Dramatics, theatrics – fantastic! When I chanced upon this original 1974 Rolls Royce I planned a whole vintage shoot around her – how could I not. Coupled with an amazing team – Bryan, Nicole, Sandra and the Lauka Family we danced back into a time when everything was oh so grand and glorious. Clothes by Queen Justine Vintage, vegan shoes by Shoe Envy.

Fashion Hound


Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Queen Justine Vintage

Eco Chic

1970's Rolls Royce

Vintage fashion

Eco Fashion