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New Years Notions


That big night is just around the corner kids, so I’ve got in before time and selected you some finery for the balls up and more importantly a care package for the disastrous after!

Roll on the couture credits

The Party set featuring: Gold glitter heels: Stellar MacCartney, Silver glitter pumps: Louboutin, Gold glitter boot love via:Charlotte Russe 

Martini Necklace: Target Blue Cavair Clutch: Olympia Le Tan learn more about these ‘uber-literate’ fashion accessories here 

Aching feet flip flop relief bought to you by: Tory Burch, Eloquent eye mask from Urban Outfitters

The section is also sponsored by Bloody Mary and Panadol

Oh sure its all fun and games til someone loses 8 million brain cells!